Bypass Surgery Instead: Chelation Therapy

Many patients in the world now accept this therapy. Just for excess body pollution, such as heavy metal reduction. These heavy metals are deposited in each of us and sometimes they cause toxicity. As a result, symptoms of various diseases arise. This chelation therapy contributes to the disadvantages of many unidentified disorders. There is a lot of risk in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and bypass surgery, there are some limitations – why do people feel helpless in the operation? The simple answer is that they give importance to the immediate.

Effectiveness of considering the result of the material judgment. Apart from this, they do not know about Chelation therapy, because they do not have to deal effectively. EDTA Chelation therapy is a non-surgical treatment, which improves metabolism and keeps the process of blood circulation in many ways. At the same time, the body comes in harmony with the metallic ion and eliminates harmful substances. These include Anjina, Stroke, Heart Failure, Arthritis, Diabetes, etc. Once the EDTA mixes in the bloodstream, it prevents excess basic blood from the blood, protects the body and the limbs from decay. In addition to the nutritional components of the body, there is also a consistency in the case of metallic elements. As a result, health improves.

combination of Vitamin

At one stage, scientists have been aware of the combination of Vitamin C and E, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc, Beta carotene, and other components as a result of these therapies – when their biological antioxidants re-think about the components. The results of this research were found to be positive and the acceptability of Chelation therapy was found in antioxidant. More importantly, this therapy is not only effective for the arterial side of the heart; The artery of other parts of the body, even the fingers of the hands and feet, and brain artery also brings benefits.

Every year, 60 thousand people lose their feet in gangrene, causing bleeding in the arteries. Many people are killed by a stroke. Bypass surgery in the neck and head-toe artery is now a common matter. However, chelation therapy can be done in every case risky.

There is no sign of any serious disorder

But environmental degradation, genetic diseases, smoking, overeating, and lifestyle strains. And any such disorder can bind to the body. So it is important to be cautious. Due to the limitations of biological reasons, if you do not have any complications in participating in a health program, you can also save yourself from some of the most dangerous diseases, by taking this advanced therapy. The diseases are diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. Mid-life patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease Prevention is not the identity of intellectualization before big loss? So Feel free to take Chelation therapy.


Chelation is a breakthrough long-term treatment method that takes precautionary measures against many old-age disorders. Chelation comes from the Greek word ‘chile’, which means ‘paw’. Chelating agents are a type of substance that can form chemical compounds in combination with toxic minerals, metals, and chemicals in the body. These compounds surround the body’s immune system and then release it with the stool and urine. In 1913, Warner received the Nobel Prize for his discovery and Chelation took the task of establishing this science of chemistry.

Experience a different type of chelation therapy than other medical treatments.

There is no pain in it. In most cases, the patient does not feel any difficulty. It is possible to take saline to read the books on the chair or to watch the TV. If needed, the patient can walk in the room to accept it. If the needle attached to the spine does not move away, the patient can talk to the phone or drink. Many patients in the world are also taking chelation therapy to continue their daily business activities on the computer.

This is a completely risky treatment. In the bypass surgery, where there are three deaths in 100 people, statistics show that only one in 10,000 patients may have side effects for taking chelation therapy, but not the death. It is said that chelation therapy is three hundred percent safe than bypass surgery. However, in any case, it is harmful. Excessive doses of chelation therapy can be dangerous. That’s why in America When a trained physician chelation therapy gives the risk levels down to the lowest level.

It was once publicized that Chelation therapy had kidney failure. Everyone has noticed significant improvements in kidney function. It is very important to get overloaded for kidneys. A trained and experienced doctor is able to properly

monitor the matter.

Chelation therapy is not a new treatment. During World War II, the British used other types of Chelation agents. Even diabetic ulcer and gangrene could improve the foot, within a few weeks intervals. At present, more than 500 doctors in America and many doctors in other countries are receiving this Chelation therapy routinely. The news of happiness is that in our Bangladesh, the activities of this Chelation Therapy have started 57/15 in the Coronary Artery Dise Prevention and Regression (CAD PR) Center in West Panthapath. If the expert doctors trained in America are successful in chelation therapy, then it will be a wonderful event for our country.

Writer: Professor Dr. Govinda Chandra Das, Department of Immunology, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka

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    1. Cheleation EDTA treatments are added to a regular bag of saline and administered through an IV in the hand or the arm.Treatments must take 3 hrs to complete safely. NO needles in spine & its ANGINA.

  1. Cheleation EDTA treatments are added to a regular bag of saline and administered through an IV in the hand or the arm.Treatments must take 3 hrs to complete safely. NO needles in spine!

  2. If your bypass surgery is planned, please think twice. The vascular damage cause by the revascularization procedure is irreversible and quite often, it places you on the death row. Only a small percentage of people ( about 15 %) live for 15 20 years. Please go the library and read as much as possible about the alternatives you have. CHELATION THERAPY GIVES RESULTS.

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