5 Ways To Be Happy And Not Having To Invent The Wheel

What really matters in life? Most importantly, you’re feeling pleased. Unfortunately, this is not something that many individuals think. And it’s a disgrace. How do you make sure you’re happy? In five years, American gerontologist Karl Pillemer and his study group spoke to 1,500 Americans here about time.

Pillemer analyzed the discussions and developed a number of lessons that could make you happy with universal life. You can read about 25 in this post. Make the most of it. They’re amazing fun and you understand a few already.

5 ways to make you happy

Okay, 25 ways to please you. There are certainly more ways to do that? Yes, of course, but these 25 are the result of Pillemer’s studies among 1,500 Americans aged 65-110. When I was researching for another article, I found these guidelines in the Psychologie Magazine (see Resources). And I believed it was nice to be pleased with those 25 laws. Super clean too. That’s why I didn’t want them to keep you away. Below are the laws of life you can read that can make you happy. In other words; on the other hand of the ocean, these rules produced some 1,500 individuals happy.


Happy in your love life and relationships

How do you become happy with your partner and how do you ensure good relationships?

1. Choose a partner that looks like you

I hope you’re not getting scared now. Anyway, it seems easier for couples with more or less the same values, backgrounds and interests to live together. So the saying “attracts opponents” isn’t right? According to some 1,500 senior Americans, it actually seems that way.

This may have to do with the energy you don’t have to invest (from both parties) to know each other on an ongoing basis. After all, you have the same standards and values and interest regions.

2. Friendships are just as important as romance

This sounds good to everyone who loves passion. But it is a bit different. The passion that you feel at the start of a relationship ends at a certain moment. Hopefully, love, respect and especially deep friendship with your partner will remain.

3. Don’t keep a score

Give more than you earn (love). Life is about providing and not taking. Life is not a transaction concatenation in this manner. So don’t compare your partner’s receiving as much back as what you believe you’re giving. Just offer what you get back and be grateful for it.

4. Talking, talking and talking

Talk about anything and everything to each other. Your dreams, aspirations, deceptions, desires, and traumas. Everybody’s got trauma. Some of them are only more intense. Remember that whatever you’ve created, such trauma is an enormous, dull thud. So speak about everything with your partner. Don’t separate yourself.

5. Dedication to your partner and friendships

Don’t get stuck in disputes. Love is more than satisfying your desires and needs immediately. Try looking at it above. And what are the disputes about, by the manner? Is it really so crucial you’re correct, or do you just want your way because you’ve never had it before? You’re most hurt by the individual you love. Sin, but true.

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