Are You Also So Busy? That Way You Can Keep All Balls In The Air


Is there too few hours in a day, and are you having difficulty keeping all the balls in the air? Well, you’re not really the only one. Sometimes I’m told, “Matthijs, you’re doing a lot. How can all the balls be kept in the air? I believe it’s a good question. What am I going to do? I write papers every week, write NLbewust and provide dietary guidance online through my NLbewustvoedingsadvies dietary advice practice. I also read a lot, from 15 to 20 books a year (study). I also have a family, I want to remain fit, so I have at least 1 hour of practice per day. And oh yes, I also have an education job because besides the income,

Keep all balls in the air, impossible?

Have you difficulty keeping all the balls in the air as well? It’s better to say who doesn’t have that. For instance, you’ve got a family, a job, a partner, you’re doing sports, you’re having household duties, and sometimes you want to have fun with family and friends. So relax. The days are flying through.

That’s not all, of course. The time factor-being on time somewhere!)-also (plays a major role. So around 9:00 a.m. you have to be at work. For instance, your kids must go around a certain moment to the sports club and you want to feed them around 6 p.m. And if you want to work out at night, often around 8 p.m. you do that.

So you don’t just have much to do, you also have.

Not only do you have a lot to do, in a certain timeframe everything has to be achieved. You can generate peace for yourself in spite of your busy lives, in which you have to maintain many balls in the air and in which time plays a significant part. No, I’m not talking about you having to meditate in order to find peace.

I’m going to inform you how to maintain the balls in the air. Why do I tell my tale to you? Well, is my tale really going to vary a lot from yours?

Doing things that you like

I hope to have a good and healthy effect on the quality of life of others with my company operations. That’s why I’m doing a lot for that. And it doesn’t really cost me any effort at all. How lovely is it when individuals make healthier decisions and through stuff, I do become healthier?

I did and finished dietary counseling research at the level of HBO this year. I read a lot about good food, practice, and also about mental progress and biographies (15 to 20 books per year). I’ve written eight e-books in the previous few years and released them myself.

I also have a family, I like sports, and I love watching films. We also go on holiday and create lovely journeys of all types. Super friendly.


Of course, keeping all the balls in the air needs a lot of discipline. Setting priorities and doing (and completing) the things you’ve intended to do is particularly crucial.

Example; if you plan on going to work today (what do you have to do there?), helping your kids with their homework, exercising, preparing meals and reading a book at night… Then do it!! Sounds easy and that’s it. But… Then do it as well!

How often do you intend to do stuff, but “it’s not happening?” Has the time been going too quickly? Did it take too long for some activity? Have you met anybody else…?

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