How to Build an Empire with Do It For Free In Berlin 6 Favorite

Berlin is one of Europe’s favorite cities. In Berlin itself, too, I have a lot of favorites. I want to tell you more about my favorite Berlin square, artwork, attraction, tower, monument, and park. And the best thing: you can visit all these places free of charge!


For me, the Gendarmenmarkt is definitely Berlin’s most beautiful square. The square is surrounded by pleasant terraces and beautiful buildings. Often terraces are very expensive in such a famous location, of course, but here you can still get a nice price for a drink and enjoy the view of this beautiful square. There are also open-air concerts in the summer and there is a cozy Christmas market on the Gendarmenmarkt in the fall. The Gendarmenmarkt is always a must for me every time you visit Berlin.

East Side Gallery

We’ve written about the East Side Gallery before, but it certainly deserves a place among the favorites. At 1.3 km, this is the world’s longest public artwork. What makes it so unique is that it’s the Berlin Wall’s biggest legacy. The whole wall is beautifully decorated with different artists ‘ graffiti works. I suggest that you leave for an afternoon to stroll quietly past this impressive art piece.


It may be a little touristy, but it’s an absolute must for me to visit the Reichstag. On this huge building, which serves as a parliament building, a huge glass dome has been built and is open to the public. You have a good view of the city from this building, but the dome itself is very impressive as well. You are free to visit the Reichstag, but you must register online at in advance. When you want to visit the Reichstag, you can indicate here a number of times so that once in Berlin you are not bound to a specific time. Please note that your reservation is valid only after confirmation has been received.

Holocaust monument

If you’re talking about a memorial, perhaps the favorite is not the right word, but the Holocaust monument is, in my opinion, at least the most impressive monument in Berlin. The monument consists of large, height-varying concrete blocks. Such blocks together cover nearly three football pitches, creating countless halls and narrow roads. Even if you’re close to the door, for a moment you’re feeling completely disoriented and you don’t see a way out. Therefore, it is not simply a majestic memorial, but it represents well how the Jews in concentration camps must have felt.

Berliner Dom

I can’t explain precisely why my favorite building is the Berlin Cathedral, but I was intrigued by this structure from the moment I first arrived in Berlin. This huge structure with a lovely turquoise dome reminds me of a large castle in the fairytale. This looks much like St. Peter’s in Rome, however. The Berliner Dom is the largest church in Berlin, close to Unter den Linden. There’s a small park in front of the Dom with a large fountain. If you have enough energy left, for a beautiful view of the city, you can climb the dome’s 270 steps.



You’ll probably soon arrive at the large and well-known Tiergarten as soon as you think of a park in Berlin. While this is certainly a beautiful park, in the Kreuzberg district, my personal favorite is a little further. This district owes its name to the same name mountain on which the monument to the Kreuz is situated. Seventy years later, around this memorial, the Viktoriapark was created. Here you will find an artificial waterfall of 24 meters high that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Thirteen thousand liters of water is pumped here every minute. In contrast, the park consists mainly of large lawns with a lot of plants. Relaxing and enjoying a nice picnic is a perfect place. Don’t forget t either.

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