Doing In Prague – What You Should Not Miss On A First Visit

I heard from many individuals that Prague was one of Europe’s most lovely towns, so I wanted to see it with my own Doing In Prague, of course. It was last time two weeks ago and I first toured this town. I was immediately persuaded after my brief visit to Prague. Surely this is one of the most lovely towns I’ve ever been to. Are you coming to this lovely town shortly, and you wonder what you can do in Prague? I want to tell you what you definitely shouldn’t miss on your first visit to this fairy-tale town.

Visit the old town square

Staroměstské náměstí is one of Europe’s best-preserved town squares, Prague’s Old Town Square. With both locals and visitors, it is always pleasantly busy. Events, like a big Christmas market in December, are also frequently held here. The square is surrounded by various styles of impressive structures. Among other things, you will find a number of churches and statues and large buildings full of details with colorful façades. Built around 700 years ago, this old town square has long been on the UNESCO World Heritage List along with the remainder of the historic core of Prague.

View the Prague astronomical clock

Prague’s astronomical clock is also to be found on Old Town Square. Apart from London’s Big Ben, this may be Europe’s most popular clock. Twelve apostle sculptures appear from the clock every hour. Even if you’re not there at the hour, the unique design makes it worth visiting the astronomical clock. The story goes that the client finally blinded the man who made the clock, so he couldn’t duplicate this lovely clock anywhere else in the globe. Yet there is now a replica of this remarkable clock in Seoul, South Korea’s capital. The building can also be entered. Book skip the tickets for the line in advance, so you won’t lose time in line waiting.

Admire the old city from the old city tower

There is also a viewing platform at the top of the ancient town tower on which the astronomical clock is installed. You can get here with a lift for 120 CZK (€ 4.44). From the platform, you have a great view of the beautiful colored façades of Prague and the old town square. You also get a nice perspective of the big gothic Týn church because of the structures in front of it you can see less well from the square itself.

Walk across the famous Charles Bridge

Admittedly, the Charles Bridge is quite touristy, but walking across this popular bridge during your trip to Prague is truly a must. Charles Bridge connects the old town center with the district of Malá Strana and the bridge has been marked by the numerous statues constructed on the bridge since 1683. It would make you return to Prague someday by touching these statues. You will also discover numerous street artists and stalls on the bridge nowadays where, among other things, you can purchase jewelry and paintings.

Visit the romantic Kampa island

Kampa Island is close to the district of Malá Strana, but a tight channel separates it from the mainland. It’s a comparatively quiet island, but it’s very atmospheric and comfortable. There are lovely cafes and restaurants everywhere, especially on Na Kampe square. You will come to a small park complete of comfortable terraces if you walk a little further. You’ve got a beautiful view of the river and the ancient town of this park.

Admire the colorful John Lennon Wall

You’ll also discover the renowned John Lennon Wall near Kampa Island. Around 1980, new Prague youth started to fill this than a white wall with texts and pictures of John Lennon and the Beatles as a kind of protest against the then communist government. Although the wall has been painted over entirely, it is still nowadays a sign of love and peace. The wall will look distinct with each visit, as many performers are still adding their creation to this unique art job.

Discover the Venice of Prague

A boat trip can be made on the channel between the island of Kampa and Malá Strana. Even if you don’t want to go on a boat journey, it’s worth visiting this portion of Prague. You get a nice image of the canal and the colorful houses around it from the boarding stage of the ships. You will immediately know why Prague’s Venice is called this atmospheric neighborhood.

Stroll through Prague Castle and the palace gardens

Doing In Prague

A visit to Prague Castle should definitely not be missed. This is the world’s biggest enclosed castle region and is even included as the world’s biggest castle in the Guinness Book of Records. The castle is made up of different palaces, churches, and courtyards and is surrounded by lovely gardens. Only the front of the castle is already half a kilometer long and the castle has no less than 7.5 hectares of complete surface. Built-in the 9th century, the Prague Castle is still being used by the Czech president and government today. Be sure to stroll through the amazing palace gardens under the castle of Prague during your visit. Would you like to look inside the castle?

Cycling in Prague

Knew you could explore Prague by bicycle as well? I believe a bicycle trip is a perfect activity to see as much of a town as possible, especially if you have restricted time. Baja Bikes provides different cycling tours in Prague. For instance, you can book a trip along with the city’s highlights or choose a path along with the castles. Of course, just renting a bicycle to go out on your own is also an alternative.

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