Food Tour In Porto With Withlocals: The Best Places in indonesia

If you can make me happy when traveling with something, it’s a good Food Tour. Going out with a local and discovering stuff that you would never have entered yourself is so lovely. I had a Food Tour with Withlocals in Porto. The good thing is I could choose the most appealing local. The enthusiasm of Teresa for her introduction video was contagious, so the choice was made: we had a Food Tour with Teresa in Porto!

Traditional grocery

We’re meeting Teresa at the city’s key point. There’s some confusion about the precise place, but we know where to find each other after a phone call. Teresa is as passionate as she is on the Withlocals website on her video and I want to taste Porto’s best with her.

Maybe the first stop is my favorite spot. This ancient grocery store is bursting with history, and I almost feel like I’ve gone back in time. Herbs, sweets and other products can be found in drawers where you can scoop out what you need. Here we taste a dried walnut fig. Simple, but pretty.

Cheese and marmalade

We walk down to the town middle and Teresa says a lot about’ her’ Porto on the way. The second stop is coming quickly. I’ve never regarded the situation we’re going into now. It looks like a huge cafeteria or bakery, and I’m wondering what we’ll eat here. I will soon get the response in the form of a marmalade plate of local cheese. Delicious and unexpectedly great!

Market Hall with a sad story

The third stop is a bit sad: Mercado do Bolhão is visiting us. The alternative version, at least. For 2 years, the initial market hall has been reconstructed and the end appears far from insight. An alternative subterranean location was allocated to the businessmen who had a market stall in this age-old hall.

Instead of being in a lovely market hall, they are now in a room that reminds me, at least in terms of atmosphere, more of a parking garage than a market. I believe it’s nice that Teresa demonstrates this as well and tells us the tale behind it.

Otherwise, you’d really have gone through here. We taste distinct types of olives and purchase as souvenirs some canned sardines.

Food Tour

Pastéis de Nata and Pastéis de Bacalhau

Some individuals believe you can eat only the world-famous Portuguese egg tarts in Food Tour, where they come from. I completely disagree with this: in other locations, these cakes are also very delicious! We tasted Porto’s most delicious Pastéis de Nata and were served with a port glass. A celestial mixture I’m dreaming of now.

There’s a second famous pastéis when you’re in Porto you shouldn’t miss. I’m referring to the Pastéis de Bacalhau, that is, a codfish pie. Teresa brings us to a super-classic store where we can taste the finest Pastéis de Bacalhau throughout the town, according to Teresa. I have little stuff for contrast, but it tastes more than okay as well.

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