Google is producing mosquito kill mosquito


Google is producing mosquito kill mosquito! The world population suffers from mosquito bites. Especially in the subcontinent, the incidence of mosquito is uncertain.

According to the World Health Organization, more than a million people die every year in the world due to mosquito bites. That is why busy scientists are busy creating various technologies to kill mosquitoes.

But Google has made a weird plan to eradicate mosquitoes.

They said that mosquito kill mosquitoes will have to breed more. Alphabet, the world’s leading search engine Google’s main organization, has recently set such a strange method of action.

A research organization led by Alfabet started a project called ‘Debug Project’ in Fallen, California, in the year 2017 to kill mosquitoes. As a result, scientists of the project claim that the female mosquito population has decreased by two-thirds.

Debug said on their website that this method will bring the reproduction of mosquitoes faster. Our start was good. But still, many works left. We look forward to working with some communities.

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