How 7x Free In New York Can Help You Predict the Future

New York may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you’re dreaming about a cheap city tour, but did you know there’s plenty of free New York sights and activities? I’m pleased to tell you about my 10 favorite free New York things to do.

A trip on the Staten Island Ferry

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry is my absolute number 1 idea for a free event in New York. Forget about the luxurious boat trips that different tour operators are giving you. This Staten Island Ferry takes you to Staten Island and back completely away from Manhattan. Along the way, you’ve got a great view of the liberty statue and the skyline of New York. You’ll arrive on Staten Island after about 20 minutes. You can choose to walk here, but you can take the next ferry back directly as well. No less than 140 times a day, the Staten Island Ferry sails back and forth and is even available on public holidays. We enjoyed that during Christmas in New York from a fantastic (almost) private view

Surprise all the lights on Times Square

You shouldn’t miss a trip to Times Square when you’re in New York. Even if you’re here around midnight, because of the massive billboards that hang there, it’s always light here. Have you been waking up early due to your jet lag? Get out of bed and go to Times Square. Everything is open 24 hours a day here and you almost get Times Square to yourself early in the morning. Often it’s so noisy here at night that you can step across the crowd. Then enter the Aeropostale store (with the big 50 percent billboard in the picture below the shop), take the escalator upstairs and walk past the checkouts. You will come to a different point of view where you can look above all others.

Rest in the most beautiful parks

New York may be recognized as a concrete jungle, as well as some of America’s most beautiful and fun parks. Of course, there should be no lack of a visit to the famous central park, but certainly not to miss the other parks. For starters, you have a great view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park and you will find a beautiful ice rink in the winter in Bryant Park and free movies will be shown in the summer. Always worth a visit is the High Line Trail. This park was built on an old railway line, far above the surface. The park itself is not only breathtaking, but you also have good views of the city along the way. And best of all, you can visit all these parks in full.

See the East River from New York’s first cable car

The Aerial Tram of Roosevelt Island is a gondola linking Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. It is the first gondola to be used as a public transport vehicle. The gondola will charge you fare to the metro, but you can use this gondola for free if you already have a day pass to the metro. You have a beautiful view of the East River, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge from the gondola. You can even see the statue of liberty in the distance in good weather. Don’t forget to take a free ride on this gondola if you buy a day ticket for the metro. There is also a beautiful park that is definitely worth a visit to Roosevelt Island.

Imagine yourself in an American movie

Perhaps the most popular library in the world is the New York Public Library. You can see the library in movies like the day after tomorrow, sex and the city, spiderman, Tiffany’s lunch, 13 going on 30 and Manhattan maid. The building’s exterior, as well as its interior, are very impressive. Millions of books are on more than 140 kilometers of bookshelves in the library. -book can be collected within ten minutes, despite the huge length, thanks to a special lift. The library is free to visit every day. If you want to look up, or do you need to do some work as well? The entire library is fitted with free Wi-Fi and when you register as a guest

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The photo below of the Brooklyn Bridge hangs in our living room, reminding me of the great time I’ve had every time in New York. So a stroll over New York’s most iconic bridge is a definite must for me. Take the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn first and ride to Manhattan instead of the other way around from there. You thus have a fantastic view of the skyline of Manhattan. If you’re lucky, go early in the morning because it’s still nice and quiet or sunset around. It may be a bit busier, but it’s worth the view.

Feel small at Grand Central Terminal

The name of the Grand Central Terminal is alive. I’m not too tall already, but in this huge, tall building I felt so small. Grand Central Terminal is the main station in New York and is known as the station with the world’s largest platforms. Every day, this station receives over half a million visitors. Therefore you will also find several restaurants and shops under the platform. I found the Grand Central Terminal very beautiful and impressive. Consequently, several movies have used the Grand Central Terminal as a backdrop. However, the majority of female guests will recognize this as the starting point for the Gossip Girl show.

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