How 7x To Do In Wroclaw Makes You a Better Lover

In 2019, Wroclaw was named Capital of Culture of Europe. This town in Poland is not yet well known to the general public, but it is definitely worth a visit (perhaps for that very reason). All the fun stuff I had to do here, I was positively surprised. I’m glad to tell you my favorite things in Wroclaw to see and do.

Admire the most beautiful square in Wroclaw

The Rynek, the city’s most important market square and one of Europe’s largest market squares, is located in the heart of the city. The square is distinguished by the different facades ‘ cheerful colors and lovely shapes. There is also the Ratusz, the largest town hall in Poland, on this square. Also used as a bar, museum and concert hall is this Gothic town hall. On the square and adjacent terraces, it’s always happily busy.

Seal your love on the Tumski bridge

Wroclaw has over 120 bridges linking the city’s twelve different islands. Throughout Europe, there are only more bridges throughout Venice, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam than in Wroclaw. The turquoise Tumski bridge with its thousands of locks is my favorite bridge in Wroclaw. Just like, until it was prohibited in Paris, here loving couples seal their love, after which they throw the key on the river Odra.

Taste the Polish specialty

The typical dough envelopes are the Polish specialty Pierogi. They look a little like Chinese dumplings and Italian ravioli and have unique fillings. There’s a true Pierogi restaurant in Wroclaw, the Pierogarnia. The standard cooked pierogi, but also the tougher version made from a kind of bread dough, can be found here. We’ve eaten ourselves absolutely twice here, and I’d just go back to Poland for the Pierogi. Write about Pierogi Wroclaw’s work here.

View Wroclaw from above

It’s hard to climb the tower of St. Elisabeth, but definitely worth it. The tower has 300 steps and it’s very small, which makes it hard to pause on the way up. So just go up if you’re in a reasonable condition. Once you are upstairs, you are rewarded with Wroclaw’s best view. You gaze over the lovely Rynek square and you can see clearly from the top that this special square is fully covered. Just 5 zlotys (around € 1.25) cost you a lift to the St. Elisabeth building. The corresponding church on the inside seems to be very impressive, but service was just taking place when we were there.

Visit the most beautiful market hall in Wroclaw

Wroclaw’s largest market hall is the Hala Targowa. Built-in 1906, this hall with its elegant arches was very radical in architecture. The Hala Targowa is the ideal place to set up a picnic that is delicious and cheap. Walkthrough the stalls, buy some fresh fruit, traditional Polish chocolate, delicious freshly baked rolls and Polish pierogi, of course.

Go on a gnome quest

You can’t escape the fun little gnomes that can be found throughout the city when you’re in Wroclaw. Nearly every hotspot, profession or hero from Poland has its own gnome. There are currently over 300 gnomes in Wroclaw. Looking for these gnomes is very enjoyable for children, but adults also have a lot of fun to find as many gnomes as possible. Even though in Wroclaw there are so many gnomes, it can be quite difficult. Often they are very low or hang high in lampposts, causing you to look at other than normal places. The gnomes show you the way around their town and make sure you take a closer look at the city.


Visit the most beautiful fountain in Poland

Unlike Las Vegas, Dubai and Barcelona, Wroclaw also has its own light and music fountain display. Sadly, there was a closed festival around the fountain when I was in Wroclaw myself, but I don’t want to recall this trick for you. The fountain is slightly outside the middle but can be easily reached by tram 1, 2, 4 or 10 from the entire city. Three separate light and music shows will be held during the summer season from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm: traditional, classical and rock. You will find the exact programming here.

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