How to Stop Losing Weight once reached an ideal weight

Losing Weight

In today’s time when there are talks about fitness everywhere around us. We all want a fit and healthy body. So we all work hard to lose some fats and gain the ideal weight. Especially in women is a craze to look slim fit. Although losing weight is not an easy task but maintaining the ideal weight is more difficult. Almost 90% of people gain the lost weight within a year. The reason for this is very simple, i.e they stop exercising regularly and most importantly they don’t follow the diet routines.

The way we look affects our attitude also, therefore it is very important to think positive about yourself and be healthy.

So the question arises is that whether we stop losing weight once reached the ideal number. The ideal weight is different for everyone because it depends upon factors like height and age.

How to calculate ideal weight?

Once you have decided that you want to lose weight, your next step should be to identify a healthy weight range for yourself. One such method is BMI or body mass index. BMI can be calculated using formulae person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.

Factors due to which you lose weight even after gaining ideal weight

There are many factors that are responsible for weight loss after you have reached your ideal weight. A person will keep on losing weight if he will maintain a negative calorie balance. Your weight loss will also become constant if you will follow the same type of exercise and diet for a long period of time that why it is important to keep changing your diet and workout routine as per your requirement. Once you have lost weight, you need to adjust your workout routine and diet accordingly to maintain a healthy weight.

What to do to maintain an ideal weight

If you are losing weight continuously even after reaching your desired shape and size then you should increase your calorie intake. You can even start taking 200 more calories to maintain your ideal weight, but keep in mind to not increase the caloric intake than 200, otherwise, you will start gaining weight again.

What is the Bottom line

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, your diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean source of protein. you should include cardio, weight training and flexibility exercise. One should fix the activity level as per their fitness level and take proper guidance before adding anything new in your workout or diet routine.

So you should take help of the BMI table to know what weight range will be healthy for you, and you should always try to maintain your weight in that range only. This will not only make your appearance more beautiful but also make you mentally strong.

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