Huawei does not have politics to arrest finance officials: Trudeau


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has claimed. that the arrest of the Canadian government’s financial Huawei and financial head Huawei Wenzhou has no role to play This information is presented on the BBC online report on Friday. Perhaps back to the United States. Canadian Prime Minister for the first time since the arrest. Trudeau claims arrests have no policy in Wenzhou.

China is angry at the arrest of Wenzhou Ozhoshu for the detention of Beijing’s human rights violation. Canadian authorities have not released charges against Wenzhou. Huawei said they do not know that Wenzhou did something wrong. Today, the hearings of Wangzhou’s release will be on Friday.

Commercial battlegrounds are coming between the two countries.

In this war, the two countries imposed a huge anti-terror trade on each other’s products. US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Sapping agree to agree on Saturday in lieu of imposing a new tariff for their products at the Buenos Aires G20 summit in the Argentine capital. But angry at the arrest of Venguu of China. Beijing warns that this may cause tension in the United States.

In the preliminary report, it has been said that sanctions. Prohibited by Iran was not accepted by Hyeai – and the United States is investigating such allegations. This could be the Wanzhou arrest link with the investigation. US National Security Advisor John Bolton Wangzhou was not ready to comment on the arrest.

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