Vaccine Institute sold to Indian company

Sales in India will have no effect on vaccinations. For 32 million euros, the Indian company SII. Serum Institute of India took over from the state. The production facilities of the Dutch Vaccine Institute in Bilthoven. NVI’s. Public tasks are assigned to the neighboring. RIVM-the National Vaccination Program, the National Griezing Program, and the research tasks. Nearly all two hundred staff went to the new owner.

Indian company

In 2003, the government divided the RIVM production tasks and research, thinking it would better regulate the availability of vaccines. That turned out to be an error. On the world market, the NVI was too tiny a player and suffered excellent losses. The Health Ministry decided to alter course in 2009 and began searching for a buyer.

Vaccine Indian company

It was discovered in SII, one of the worlds. Biggest manufacturers of vaccines. The Indian firm purchased the NVI primarily due to the. Bilthoven polio vaccine manufacturing plant. SII wants to increase the production of this vaccine significantly. And thus commit to eradicating polio worldwide.

The sale has no impact on vaccinations in the Indian company, says RIVM CEO André van der Zande. “We’ve already bought eighty to ninety percent of the vaccines on the market, now we’re going to do the same for that last bit.” He believes everyone will benefit from the sale: the production of the vaccines–and hence their knowledge–remains in the Indian company, but it’s becoming much cheaper thanks to this major player.

Minister of Health Schippers has stipulated that the Indian company will retain the intellectual property of the vaccine’s source material. Van der Zande. But the state can still intervene if SII. Wishes to increase the vaccine cost for some reason. That’s it, for the moment. The state and SII renegotiate property rights in three years. RIVM Sales in India will have no effect on vaccinations

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