Indonesian company is not allowed to make Intel pants

Hanitio Luwi an Indonesian company. With the brand name of Intel Jean. This is the consequence of the judgment of an Indonesian judge. In a case brought by processor manufacturer Intel against the clothing manufacturer.

Indonesian company

In specific, jeans and computer processors. Are not side by side on a store shelf. But there were adequate reasons for Intel to launch a case against Hanitio Luwi in March 2000.

The primary reason Intel started the case was that Hanitio Luwi not only used the Intel brand name. But also used a letter e’ subsidence’ in the trousers logo, just as Intel did in its logo at the moment.

A lower court ruled against Intel in September 2000 because both manufacturers ‘ products don’t look alike and the customer can maintain them apart readily. In addition, the Indonesian court said the name Intel is equivalent to the word intelligent in the Indonesian dictionary and therefore the judge saw no reason why other companies should not use that name.

Indonesia not accepted Intel pants

But Intel wasn’t giving up and appealing. The firm has now been proven. Right in this by the court. This is due in part to the reality that Indonesia has done more to safeguard brand names in the latest years. In fact, the country is a cradle of different products with a well-known foreign brand name. Sony underpants and Rolex cigarettes. For example. Are manufactured in Indonesia. Incidentally, Intel no longer had to use the “subsidence” argument, meanwhile, the company changed its logo.

In any case, Intel is pleased with the statement. Indonesia has undoubtedly made brand protection improvements and honors its commitment to improving it. Intel Mathson lawyer John Matheson of Intel Asia-Pacific said. The Indonesian company. Hanitio Luwi is no longer allowed to sell pants with the brand name Intel Jeans. This is the result of a ruling by Indonesian law.

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