iPhone 11 is coming with interesting futures and underwater technology

Apple is going to launch this year in the iPhone 11 model. This new model is said to work under the water. Although Apple has discontinued the next iPhone from the iPhone 7 to the next. IP 67 rating has been given. As a result, the iPhone should be suitable for 30 minutes at the depth of one meter below the water. However, it does not work even if current iPhones remain underwater. The screen can not be touched or scrolled.

The company’s new iPhone XS has been given a better IP 68 rating. As a result, the device will be fine until the depth of two meters. In the previous year’s September event Apple’s campaign department head Phil Riller said, “If you’re sitting next to the pool, your phone falls into the water, do not worry, jump into the water, lift it, remove it, and it’s all right.”

Smartphones do not understand the power of electricity through the water, touching water on the screen or finger. The new iPhone can be brought to the solution of this problem. It is said that Apple is working with new screen technology, which can understand finger touch underwater. News British Tabloid Mirror

Apple has applied the technology patent for the previous year. It is also believed that it will be ready to be used later this year. There is no clear information on how the touchscreen works under the water.

Apple is alerting children’s app

Apple has taken some steps to restrict ‘add-tracking’ to their apps. However, this process is not completely error-free, because of the commentary technology site Virg.

Add-tracking is a process by which third-party organizations collect and share users’ browsing, sharing, and other information. There are also app dealers and marketers among these companies.

Ad-tracking is a problem for children. The report mentions that due to advertising, children are more susceptible to attacks.

In the US daily Wall Street Journal report, Apple is planning to bring new limitations to third-party tracking in the children’s app. The announcement may come at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDDC), which starts on Monday, in 2019.

How To Charge The iPhone Fast

Miami Smartphone has fast charging facilities. This feature has started coming up in a little expensive Android phone. However, this feature is not available on the iPhone. Because of this, the hour-to-hour favorite iPhone charger can not be fully charged even after connecting.

How to charge the iPhone fast?

iPhone can also be used for fast charging. For this, buy an Apple Lightning Port from USB Type C Converter. Fast charging can also be charged using an adapter. It is also possible to charge the iPhone fast in more than one way.

Most power banks in the market have a power output of 2 amperes. Charging this iPhone using the power bank will charge the earliest iPhone. Using the iPad charger, you can quickly charge the iPhone. Because of the big battery in the iPad, Apple is using more powerful chargers.

But charging the phone using a more powerful charger than the charger with the phone, the charger starts charging quickly but the battery life quickly decreases. Battery backup can be reduced within a few months if the phone is charged using a regular charger.

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