Lively Leuven, A Very Nice City In Central Belgium

You’re quick to think of Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges with a city trip to Central Belgium. Brussels may also come to mind, but it is often less imaginative than that. I’m sorry! Since Belgium has a lot more to offer, including Leuven’s lively city. I went in that direction randomly for two days and had a very nice time. Leuven does not offer major tourist attractions, but it is precisely for this reason that spending a day walking around is wonderful. You’re still wondering?

Monsignor Ladeuzeplein

Since we went somewhat unplanned to Leuven, I hadn’t had time to find out what to see or do in advance. After we parked the car, we sailed in search of a nice lunch shop in the city center. For this price, this is highly recommended! Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein has one place of concern, namely the University Library. You’ll see on the s if you walk past this

University of Leuven

Leuven is a real university city and you can see it all: lots of students, lots of caf├ęs and lots of university buildings spread all over the city. As we walked the road, here and there we saw subtle signs that behind these walls was a campus of a particular faculty. Curiously we passed through a variety of entrance gates and we were always treated to nice, old courtyards and beautiful buildings. So be alert when walking through the center of Leuven, the signs are easy to miss due to their small scale.

The Town Hall

The town hall of Leuven is a massive Central Belgium structure you can’t ignore. It’s huge over the top, but that’s why it’s so special. The Sint Pieterskerk is in front of the town hall. Pay special attention to the next clock’s golden man, who looks just like true. The town hall and the church are beautifully illuminated in the evening, so after dinner, it is certainly suggested to walk by.

Central Belgium

Specialty beers at The Capital

The beer cafe The Capital is situated in the same square where the church and the town hall, the Grote Markt, are located. There are no fewer than 200 varieties of beer in the beer list here, and even a non-beer drinker like me can find one she likes. I was the first to choose a beer that I thought was a nice name and that would taste like peach, according to the menu. This was a disappointment, sadly. Then I ordered a fruity, sweet cherry, while my friend was enjoying a tap beer on the tap. That was a hit. Ordering something unique from the menu is really cool, who knows, perhaps you’ll find your new favorite beer!

Leuven is a beautiful city for a day or two to amuse you. Some major must-sees are there, but that doesn’t matter at all. The inner city is a photo and you can play in plenty of terraces. There’s also plenty of galleries, but during our quick trip, we didn’t get there. Would you like to get away for a couple of days without driving long? So talk of Leuven for sure! I’ve also written a convenient walking route if you’re just one day in Leuven. You don’t need to miss anything that way.

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