Microsoft is removing games from Windows


Microsoft rejects Iconic Internet gaming like Hearts, Spades, Checkers, Backgammon, MSN Go, and Rivers. The software company of the software giant is removing them from Windows XP, ME and 7.

Microsoft’s Exclude XBOX streaming service can be launched

Apart from the old internet games, the company will now focus on creating games for this platform. We will be completing the Microsofts Internet Games service in Windows XP and me on July 31, 2019. And Windows 7 will stop this service on January 2020,” said M. Hammer, a Microsofts agent, and Windows Gaming team blogger.

Microsofts is planning to work with other new technologies to work with partners and hardware partners in software and software. We are going to work behind this chapter to bring back all the gaming experiences we are sorry, interesting and great. We hope you will be with us and join the amazing game community of Microsoft.

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