New features in iOS to increase battery life

New features in iOS to increase battery life

New features in iOS to increase battery life Apple is going to bring new features to iOS updates to make the iPhone’s battery lasting. Most IOS subscribers have expressed dissatisfaction with the iPhone’s battery.

The US tech giant has also faced criticism and litigation over the recent battery loss of the iPhone. Apple has already admitted that the battery power of the iPhone is decreasing over time. Not only the iPhone, but also all the lithium-ion batteries gradually reduced.

Two years later, the iPhone has 80 percent of battery capacity. Most subscribers charge the phone at night Keeping the phone charged. Even after charging hundreds of charges, the battery life may decrease.

New features in iOS to increase battery life

You should Keep in mind that, Apple is adding a new feature that’s name ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ to the iOS 7 update. Apple named that, “A new option is to reduce battery speed. This will be done to minimize the amount of time the charger goes after the iPhone is full charge. ‘

Machine learning of the device will try to understand your daily charging routine. So that you charge up to 5 percent of the battery depending on when you use the device. The feature will allow customers to know the charging habits of the iPhone and the charging system will also fix it.

If you keep the phone all the time in the morning and wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Your phone will know charge time and at that time the charge will be 100%. This year Apple will have to open the new update.

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