Active middle-aged men with more than 40 push-ups appear to have a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This was evident from research by Harvard. Cardiovascular diseases are beautiful words for very unfortunate heart conditions such as heart disease, heart failure, and heart attack. For 10 years, a group of males has been pursued annually. I’m an enormous push-up fan. I always do a push-up workout during a CrossFit hour. How many times can you push up in fact? In this article, I’m going to inform you why knowing how many you can do is essential.

Capacity upgrade, easy, simple and efficient

The ability to move up is a free and easy way to decrease the danger of cardiovascular disease. The more you can push-ups, the lower the risk of heart disease. How lovely is that? Therefore, pushing up not only makes you stronger but also advantages your health.

The fitter the better

A powerful indicator of your health situation is physical fitness. You can have an exercise physiologist measure your physical fitness. Then you’ll be placed on a treadmill or a home coach. You’ve got to work hard then.

In order to get a nice image of your health status and situation, the physiologist requires a lot of information from you. The flip side is that it’s pretty expensive.

The push-up capacity

The push-up capability (the number of push-ups you can do) also proves to be a good health predictor and cardiac disease hazards. You can do yourself much cheaper and much simpler.
The scientists from Harvard evaluated 1,104 active male firefighters ‘ health information gathered between 2000 and 2010.
Its average age was 39.6 years and its average index of body mass (BMI) was 28.7. A BMI exceeding 25 shows excess weight. Therefore, the males were overweight and excess weight significantly increases the danger of heart disease.

At the beginning of the study, a so-called 0 measurement was made. These men’s push-up capability was evaluated and also put on a

Result; how many push ups do you need? (Don’t be scared)

Thirty-seven people died from cardiovascular diseases, such as a heart attack, during the 10-year research. I don’t understand how you’re doing, but reading such statistics is always quite uncomfortable. It’s all about the life of people. And now it comes; the causes of death from heart disease happened in males with the exception of 1 individual who was able to finish less than 40 push ups.

40 push ups?

Harvard scientists found that males with a push-up ability of 40 or more had a 96 percent reduced risk of deadly heart illness compared to males with less than 10 push-ups. Because of a decreased danger of cardiovascular disease, the push-up capability was greater than aerobic capacity, as you do on the treadmill.

More benefits from push ups

It’s extremely simple to push ups, it’s inexpensive and it saves a lot of time. I also do a push-up exercise a couple of times a week now. I can get 400 now. There are more advantages of regular pushing ups. I described the advantages to you below.

1. Improving your condition

Push up is more muscle-building than muscle-building. Therefore, you will become stronger and your situation will be improved. This refers to individuals of all ages.

2. Less loss of muscle strength

If you frequently push ups, as you get older, you lose less muscle power. You are getting stronger wrists and bones as well. If you fall, this will reduce the likelihood of fractures. Other than that, if you drop, your arms will be stronger so you can look after yourself better. A lot of trouble can be saved by this easy reality.

3. You do not only train your arms and chest

You position your body in a kind of triangle with respect to the ground during a push up. Not only do you reinforce your chest and arm muscles this way. You also tighten the muscles in your legs, back, hips, pelvis and your abdomen in particular.

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