6 Things I Always Take With Me On A Road Trip

Now that I’ve created a road trip several times, when traveling by vehicle, I’m increasingly finding out what things are useful to have with you. Are you curious about what I always take on a road trip with me?

1 Telephone with offline navigation

I swear Google Maps offline navigation during a road journey. I download the right cards to my phone at home. As a consequence, I can easily discover my way to my destination without having to pay the internet. In fact, it operates the same manner as ordinary navigation, including a speaking voice that informs you where to go. Therefore, I suggest that you never rent your rental car with a costly navigation system. If you have a smartphone, you can simply use Google Maps offline maps to navigate free of charge via GPS.

2 AUX cable

It’s an AUX cable that I always bring with me on a road trip. This enables you to connect to the car radio with your phone. My friend and I always create various playlists to play on our road journeys through Spotify. We’ve got some good music ready for the next road journeys as well. Ultimately you’re often hours in the vehicle and then it’s good to have a bunch of distinct music with you. We also listen to local radio from time to time, but often the same music comes along.

3 Powerbank or car charger

Unfortunately, the navigation app and music playing make sure my phone gets empty quite rapidly. That’s why I have one or more energy banks in the vehicle at all times. So when we’re on the highway, I can charge my camera or GoPro as well. For this, too, a car charger is a convenient option, although I use it primarily to charge my energy banks. So I can charge at once various phones.

4 Credit card

To rent a vehicle overseas, you need a credit card. Note that this credit card must be in the primary driver’s name at all times. I once booked a car, for example, where my friend was the main driver, as he would most of the time drive. The credit card, however, was in my name. It’s good that we’ve been informed about this on time, otherwise, we won’t get the vehicle. In any event, having a credit card with you on a long trip is always convenient. You can only pay with your credit card in many nations. For example, I was very happy with my credit card when I last visited Isla Holbox. The cash machines had been broken and our money slowly ran out. Payment with a duty.

5 Food and drink

Road Trip

I make sure I always have enough food and beverages with me on a road trip (read: too much). There’s nothing as annoying as hungry or thirsty, and you don’t know when to get to the next gas station to purchase something. Believe me, it won’t be nicer for the rest of the ride. That’s why in the vehicle I’ve always got enough goodies.

6 Plastic bags

It sometimes looks like you’re living in your vehicle when you take a road trip. So it can rapidly turn into a mess in the vehicle. That’s why I’ve always got a few plastic bags in the vehicle. I use it for waste or food storage, for instance. So you can quickly discover everything and the vehicle is still livable.

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