Saudi Arabia statement is not ‘trustworthy’ in the killing of Khushogi

Journalist Jamal Khasogi is not believing the Saudi Arabia statement is still believable in the killing of the United States. US Secretary of State Mike Pompey will also emphasize on accountable and credible investigations about the murder of Khasogi during the Middle East tour with Saudi Arabia next week.

Today, a Reuters report said on Saturday that a US official on Friday said the United States does not believe in the Saudi statement given to the Saudi tribunals in connection with the murder of Khasogi. The United States thinks Saudi Arabia has not been able to tap the credibility of this issue.

Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khasogi

A group of 15 people came from Saudi Arabia and killed him. His body has not yet been found. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s name emerged as the commander of a murder case.

Although Saudi has denied the allegations since the beginning. Saudi Arabia denies the killing of Khasogi in the consulate building at the beginning. But under international pressure. Crown Prince in June 2017, Khasogi escaped from Saudi Arabia. September and went to the United States in self-sacrifice. There he wrote a column in the Washington Post.

Informing about the visit of Mike Pompey

The US official said that the Foreign Minister is continuing to pressurize Saudi Arabia on both issues in accountability and credibility. Saudi should give a credible explanation about what actually happened. He said, ‘I do not think from our point of view, Saudi interpretation or legal action has so far been able to tap the threshold of credibility and accountability.’

On this trip from January 8 to 15, Pampa will visit Saudi as well as Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kuwait. In talks with Middle East leaders, he will talk about the war with Yemen as well as Iran, Syria and other regional issues.

In spite of being reprimanded

For reporting the murder and murder of Prince Mohammad in the Senate, US President Donald Trump is indifferent about this. He has maintained good relations with Prince Mohammad.

The Saudi court on Thursday filed the first case of the murder case. Saudi prosecutors apply for the death penalty of five of the suspected 11 people. But yesterday the United Nations Human Rights Commission said it is not enough.

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