My Experiences In Sri Lanka: What I Thought Was Great

To be frank, I believed it was wonderful for Sri Lanka. I enjoyed all that this Indian Ocean pearl had to offer in 3.5 weeks and all my articles have been praised so far. Now, two years after this trip, I realize that during this trip, Sri Lanka wasn’t just a paradise and I walked around several times with a melancholy feeling. I think describing everything I thought was absolutely wonderful and everything I found less enjoyable would be nice. If you want a personal look at my experiences in Sri Lanka, be sure to read on.

Well: nature

Where am I going to start? Sri Lanka’s nature is amazingly beautiful. It’s all jungle and really green everywhere as soon as you leave the big city. We spent a couple of hours on the train during our journey and we never got bored. It was wonderful to watch the ever-changing landscape. Many people still live here with nature: we saw small huts hidden among the tall trees from the train regularly. Seeing very special.

Well: the people

The people are incredibly friendly in Sri Lanka. We began our trip in Colombo, the capital, a place that most visitors are skipping. A pity, because you should go here for a while to the individuals alone. I used to write why you shouldn’t miss a visit to Colomba. Everyone is of great help and interest to you. Trying to sell you something, of course, road sellers, but as quickly as you say’ no,’ they leave you alone. Nice!

Well: the food

You can eat fantastically in Sri Lanka. Especially lovers of roti and curry won’t miss anything here. I believe every day of my journey I have a roti pancake. They serve all the shapes you can imagine here with sweet fillings, savory spreads, finely chopped to kottu, as a handy folded vegetable package. Furthermore, there is a lot of fresh fruit, of course, and everywhere you can appreciate young coconut. Did you understand that Sri Lanka is home to many of our coconut products? Would you like to know more about Sri Lanka eating? I’ve listed for you my ten favorite Sri Lankan dishes.

Well: unspoiled paradise

Tourists are flooding many countries in Asia. A pleasant exception to this is Sri Lanka. There were more than enough places when I was here two years ago where you barely saw any tourists. Delicious! This destination is on the rise, so this might just change quickly. But for now, for anyone searching for a destination off the beaten path, it’s an unspoiled paradise.

Not: dogs

Then we got to the points I didn’t like to say the least about Sri Lanka. In this country, the amount of stray dogs is bizarre. I couldn’t stand this well as being a huge lover of animals. I don’t consider it shocking the fact that there are stray dogs, but the situation in which they were. In Sri Lanka, I barely saw a healthy dog. In fact, nearly every creature was covered with scabies, was severely affected, pregnant, or at the same time had all three. It was so high towards the end of the journey that I had several times to shed a tear. I walked around at some point with food bags to be able to give the worst cases here and there, but that’s a drop on a glowing plate, of course.

Not: elephantsSri Lanka

My second ‘not’ is unfortunately also about an animal: the elephants. Elephants are wonderful animals and seeing them in the wild is wonderful. I saw them in Hurulu Eco Park in Sri Lanka, a beautiful nature park where you can see the elephants with a little luck. Now I’ve had little interest in zoos anyway, but you really don’t want to see them behind bars once you’ve admired animals like the elephant in the wild. I didn’t see them behind bars in the rest of Sri Lanka but in captivity. An elephant, for example, stood alone in the sun in Kandy’s Temple Temple garden. It’s very sad to see such a powerful beautiful animal, chained to a tree, rocking up to a tree

Not: tourist prices

I welcome the fact that you are asking for more entry fees for tourists than local people. Admission prices are so bizarre in some countries that the local population can’t go there anymore. That’s absurd, of course, so a large compliment for Sri Lanka in that regard, as you pay more for seeing great sights here as a tourist. However, I believe there’s too much distinction between the entrance charges. A local paid approximately 25 cents to climb the Sigiriya Rock. We paid more than € 25. The same thing occurred to Anuradhapura’s dagobas. So it’s 100 euros for two sights for 2 people. For a country where you can eat for 1 euro and spend 5 hours on the train for 2 euros, a lot of money. Info

Not: bizarre long travel times

Before I leave, I read everywhere that you have to travel through Sri Lanka for a lot of time. As a bus, this turned out to be correct. Especially if you are traveling by public transport, you must count on extremely long journey times. Both the train and the bus take 2 hours to walk over a distance of 50 kilometers. This means you’re traveling a lot of time. Luckily the view is lovely along with the manner, but I still wanted to spend this time in a nicer manner. If you want to travel through Sri Lanka by public transport, then bring an entire day out of your schedule for each portion you travel, so it can only be better than anticipated. Read more about my train journey experiences

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