Alternative Route Through Thailand: In 4 Weeks Along The Most Beautiful Places

It must not have escaped your notice: in beautiful Thailand, I spent the whole month of February. I wasn’t really interested in the nation beforehand, but to be frank, my view has altered 100%. What a fantastic destination! I attempted frequently to go off the beaten path in relation to the absolute highlights and that worked well. This is my alternative route across the most beautiful places in Thailand.


Our route through Thailand, of course, begins in Bangkok, the capital. Where Saskia has chosen to save Bangkok until the end, I decided to spend 2 days at the start and at the end in this town. Our hotel, the Sleep Tight Hostel, is ideally located to walk easily to the main sights.

Chiang Mai

The idea was actually to travel by night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. These plans, however, fell into the water as these trains were already fully booked weeks in advance due to the Chinese New Year. Then we decided to cut the north trip in two, choosing Sukhothai as a stopover. Sukhothai was Thailand’s very first capital and it is still possible to admire the ruins.

The bus ride requires about 6 hours with a 20-minute toilet stop along the way. We sleep at MG Guesthouse in Sukhothai in super nice bamboo huts. It is highly recommended for Sukhothai itself. Here you only need one day, but I certainly wouldn’t skip it if you had the time. Read everything about my experiences in this article


We’re traveling to Chiang Mai after two nights in Sukhothai. This bus ride also requires about 6 hours, so we choose the bus that leaves at 7 am, so we still have to spend the evening in Chiang Mai. We wander through the old center on the second day of our stay in Chiang Mai and we understand why everyone is such a city fan. Nice shops, beautiful sights and a relaxed atmosphere make sure we don’t get bored everywhere. We’re renting a scooter the third day and heading inland. I can tell you it’s really a lovely region. You can read everything about this lovely day in this article about Chiang Mai’s environments.


From Pai, we take the minivan back to Chiang Mai, where we go straight to the train station to see if there are any places for the Bangkok night train. Luckily this is the case and we book 2 train beds that leave a few hours later. The night train ride goes smoothly and we unroll the train about 6 a.m. in the morning.

We decide to remain 1 night outside the tourist center and close to Dong Muang Airport because the next morning our flight to Krabi leaves here. My Loft Residence, a very neat hotel located in the middle of a residential area, is the choice. We spend the day wandering off the beaten path and enjoying Bangkok. Recommended to remain elsewhere



We’re flying from Dong Muang Airport to Krabi the next morning, as mentioned. The flight takes an hour and we set foot at half-past 10. Many visitors travel to Ao Nang instantly, but we decide to remain in Krabi itself for 3 nights. We sleep in Gems Guesthouse, with a great friendly owner, a very affordable hotel. Krabi seems to be the perfect base for the remainder of the region and on the scooter, we make different day journeys. We’re kayaking through the mangrove, climbing the Tiger Temple, sailing to the renowned Railay Beach. You can read everything about Krabi’s highlights in this post.

Khao Sok

We remained in the Baan Nokkhamin Hotel the night before we left for Khao Sok. If you’re looking for a nice place for Khao Sok to spend a night, then I strongly recommend this. Friendly owners, dogs and cats and a spacious house make me want to remain longer here. We leave for Khao Sok with the Khao Sok Lake organization the next morning and in one word it was fantastic. Whatever you do, make sure that your route through Thailand includes Khao Sok! You’ve had to see this magical location. I spent three days in peace here. You can read precisely what I did there in this post and why I suggest visiting this lovely region to everyone.

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