The Tastiest Food In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

We began our journey through Indonesia on Java Island in busy Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is not only the city of world-renowned temples such as the Borobudur and the Prambanan but also a great place to eat. I often long for the delicious food we’ve got here. I’ll show you my favorite restaurants in this article and give you tips for Yogyakarta’s best food.

By Bagyo Colombo Lotek & Gado Gado

I read about the famous Lotek and Gado Gado by By Baygo Colombo on many Indonesian blogs, but it turned out to be difficult to find the right address. Our guide accidentally brought us here when we got hungry after our visit to Borobudur and he couldn’t have chosen a better place.

Only two dishes are made in this small food stall: lotek and Gado Gado. They’re not the most photogenic dishes, but they’ve been the most delicious lotek and Gado Gado I’ve ever had. You can taste a lot of love preparing the food here. At half-past 10 in the morning, we were already there, but we were told there were whole lines around lunchtime. We never expected that one of the best meals of our entire trip would be our cheapest meal less than € 1.

The sawah

The Sawah is’ not a restaurant, but a place to eat,’ as they describe it nicely. The former NOS correspondent Dutch Wim and Indonesian Philip, a famous Indonesian fashion designer, welcomed us to their beautiful home where we were served the most delicious meal of our entire trip. With Javanese Soto Ayam we started the Avon d and then enjoyed an authentic rice table with no less than nine different dishes.

We finished with a dessert of Indonesian fruit and drank traditional herbal tea. After dinner, we had a tour of Wim and Philip’s impressive self-designed house. Philip also proudly showed us his fashion shows ‘ designs and books. He was preparing for the Jakarta Fashion Week already busy. We are seldom received somewhere so hospitable and we look back on this special experience and delicious food with pleasure. In a normal restaurant, this is so much nicer than eating. The Sawah is in the middle of the rice fields about a 20-minute drive from Yogyakarta.


Milas is the center of Yogyakarta is one of my favorite restaurants. It is located on a small side street and you will find yourself in an oasis of peace as soon as you walk through the gate. There are cushions on the floor next to low tables in the huge garden where you can eat and there are more cozy tables under the authentic quenched roofs.

All the food is vegetarian, but the delicious food impressed even my friend who loves meat tremendously. He liked the saté tempeh vie l in particular. A total of seven dishes were ordered and we lost less than € 10. By the way, the portions are huge, so I recommend ordering with a little less enthusiasm than we do.


Nanami Pizzeria

Even though I love Indonesian cuisine, I felt anything but rice. We got the tip to go to Nanamia Pizzeria, where you seem to be able to eat all of Yogya’s tastiest pizzas. This cozy restaurant is situated in the center of the city’s student area. They also have delicious pasta dishes at Nanamia as well as pizza and homemade smoothies. If you need anything other than rice, it is highly recommended to spend a night here.

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