This is a Beautiful Threat Invisible Thigh

This is a Beautiful Threat Invisible Thigh The ranks of the Traffic Unit. It does not seem to provide toleration for motorists of underage children who are still frequently found.  That’s because, lately traffic accidents, about 50 percent are minors. Therefore, the South Kalimantan Regional Police issued a circular signed by the South Kalimantan Police Chief.

Kotabaru Elementary & Middle School Students

Among these circular letters, for motorists specifically for elementary and junior high school students must be dealt with firmly in the form of a ticket. If found elementary and junior high school children who ride motorbikes or cars on the highway, must be dealt with.

This was acknowledged by the Head of the Kotabaru District Police AKBP Suhasto MH SIK through the Traffic Light AKP Lendra Ambarsari SIK, Friday (8/16/19). He said according to the letter, it had been followed up by sending letters to schools in Kotabaru.

“We are more focused on elementary and junior high school riders. If caught, it will be immediately dealt Lyricsbn – Bangla Lyrics Blog with in the form of a ticket. And also secured vehicles and parents who will be called. For high school students there is still a little tolerance as long as complete and does not commit flagrant violations” said Akp Leandra.

Going to Motorbikes Directly on Motorbikes is Beautiful

He also said, the school also could not provide parking space at school. The action was taken to minimize the number of traffic accidents among students who are currently mostly students from year to year comparisons.

“At the moment we have started carrying out operations. And also those found will be immediately dealt with and reported directly to the South Kalimantan Regional Police,” he said.

According to Leandra, 2019 Diamond Compliance Operation will be held soon which will start on 29 August. From these operations, there is no mercy for motorists underage let alone adults.

In accordance with the circular, the staff will conduct two motor vehicle control raid systems, namely stationary and hunting. The meaning of hunting carried out by way of going around and if there is seen immediately acted upon.

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