Top 10 Extreme Sports in the World 

Top 10 Extreme Sports in the World 

Also known as action sports or adventurous sports, these extreme sports involve a very high level of physical exertion and one need specialized gear to perform these sports. They usually also involve high speed and/or height as factors.  A single mistake could lead to a lifetime injury or in most of the cases death, but these athletes who perform this kind of dangerous sports are unfazed in their march to glory and are unstoppable. So here we are providing you with the list of Top 10 Extreme Sports in the World, but try them at your own risk.

  1. Bull riding

Bull riding is a famous sport that has its origins in Spain. In the Northeastern part of Spain, men try to speed up the bulls transportation process by trying to scare them.  As the name suggests, it involves a rider sitting on a bull and tries to stay there while the animal attempts to make the rider fall. A ride is qualified, only if a rider manages to stay on the bill for more than eight seconds.

  1. Cave Diving

Cave diving is one of the most extreme water sports out there. Every bit of it is as dangerous and wonderful as it seems. The cave diver visits the water-filled caves to explore the beautiful places under sea water with creatures one may never dream of. Cave divers risk their lives to explore the dark and horrifying caves.

  1. Highlining

It is basically rope walking but performed at a much higher altitude. In this extreme sport, the person has to walk on an inch-wide rope from one point to the other and has no support besides a safety harness that is tethered to the rope. This event takes place at a cliff thousands of feet above the ground which makes this sport very dangerous.

  1. BMX Racing

The BMX Racing takes place in uneven and different terrain made with the purpose of off-roading. The tracks make it a dangerous sport for racers, and there have been uncountable incidents that have led to career-ending injuries or even death. Despite these concerns, this is an incredibly popular sport in countries like Australia, Canada, Uk, USA etc

  1. Volcano Surfing

This new sport really does exist despite its frightening name. In this sport, the surfer has the option to sit down on the board or to stay upright both the cases make it way more dangerous.

  1. BASE jumping.

In this sport, you jump from hundreds of meters above the surface of the earth. Although It is illegal in several countries of the world but still people perform it.

  1. Ice climbing

It may sound similar to rock climbing but it is nowhere near the same as the Ice climbing requires you to climb a completely different surface which is way more slippery making it more dangerous.

  1. Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying involves flying through the air with a wingsuit, sound simple but way more dangerous. The sport’s extreme nature makes it hard for any normal person to perform it because a minimum experience of 200 skydives is required before participating in this sport.

  1. Creaking

Creeking is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world nowadays. It is also called steep creeking and it is a branch of canoeing. where the kayaker goes down in low-volume water.

  1. Free Soloing

Free soloing is climbing extreme sport that is also similar to rock climbing, but in this climber doesn’t use safety ropes, harnesses, protective gears or any supportive devices.

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