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I had to believe it after the top 5 accommodations of Kimber.’s Saimi tagged us for our top 5 favorites. Many of the hotels I stay at are not very impressive and, to be frank, they all look alike. Luckily from time to time, there are real gems where I’d rather stay forever. Below you’ll also read the top 5 hotels, resorts and guesthouses I’ve got the best memories of. Enjoy!

Kanchanaburi, Thailand, Oriental Kwai Resort

Without a doubt, Oriental Kwai is the most beautiful accommodation I have ever had. The owners themselves designed the entire resort and care was paid to every aspect. Oriental Kwai has situated on the Kwai River about 7 km from the center of Kanchanaburi. It is an oasis of tranquility with a large garden and swimming pool right on the water and a stunning open-air bar. You sleep with your own veranda and hammock in a cottage. The great staff makes you feel right at home, a great service and delicious food. A must-have! In the area of this hotel, there is more than enough to do. You can learn more about Kanchan’s Oriental Kwai and the must-sees

Komodo Garden, Indonesia, Nusa Lembongan

Exactly a week ago, I was on Nusa Lembongan in this beautiful paradise, and I already miss it. Komodo Garden is made up of six cute stuffed huts around a beautiful swimming pool, each with a small veranda and an outdoor bathroom. At about 100 meters you can find the corresponding Sandy Bay beach club where they have a stunning infinity pool by the sea as well as delicious food. A stone’s throw away was Dream beach, one of Nusa Lembongan’s most beautiful beaches, and the iconic Devil’s Tear. After our trip through Java and Bali, it was wonderful to relax here. How lovely it is to begin the day with a delicious breakfast overlooking the island, then go for a stroll, swim in the back

Roof terrace house, Rome, Italy

Top 5 accommodations Kimber and I often also think about Rome’s’ our’ roof terrace. We went with two other women to Rome and actually booked an apartment on the city’s outskirts. Once we got there the owner said he just had an apartment cancellation in the middle of the city and if we wanted to stay there we could stay there. We agreed on a little doubtful, but all our expectations were exceeded by this apartment. It was only one street and the best from the popular Piazza di Popolo: we had our own roof terrace! I hardly have any photographs of the apartment itself, but I have hundreds of pictures of myself on our roof terrace in the heart of Rome in all sorts of locations and outfits. We were unable to get

Thailand’s Phu Pi Maan Hotel, Ao Nang

The Phu Pi Moon Resort had just opened up when we were in Ao Nang. Therefore, we can live at a very nice price in this beautiful luxury resort. The first reaction was “ahh, the honeymoon!” every time we asked someone where we lived. Staying here was a true fairytale. We were nothing short and although the resort was within walking distance from the city, there was always a tuk-tuk ready to pick us up. This resort is close to gems like Railay Beach, Phra Nang Cave, Ao Thalane and the hot springs of Klong Thom and is, therefore, a perfect base in Krabi Province. It was definitely, however, a good preparation for a possible honeymoon. This is something I can get used to.

Top 5 Accommodations

Guesthouse in Bayu, Ubud, Indonesia

Bayu Guesthouse is a sanctuary of peace right in the vibrant Ubud area. Top 5 Accommodations It is situated on the busy Monkey Forest Road, the village’s main street, but you live here in peace surrounded by beautiful rice fields because it is at the very end of a narrow alley. Bayu Guesthouse is very small and has only three rooms, each with its own private bathroom and balcony or seating. However, as in every Balinese home, on the complex, there is a beautiful temple where sacrifices are made every day. It was a joy to arrive here after a ride through busy Java and to be greeted with two delicious coconut juices by the most welcoming owners. The whole room has been filled with flowers and everything

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