Top Destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

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New Year’s Eve Celebrations- whenever the New year approaches, we wonder where should we spend our new year’s eve to make it a memorable one. And what can be better than beginning the new year with our loved ones at a great place? So we are here with the list of Top Destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Europe is a great continent for travellers as it has so much to explore. Also, all the countries are very well connected, hence making it easier for you to travel across the whole of Europe. Also, Europe will be a perfect place for a New year celebration with lots of amazing fireworks, Christmas decorations, new environments and also meeting new people.

Top Destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

  1. Berlin, Germany

We have started our list with one of the most beautiful and historic places of Europe, Germany. The country has a lot to offer you. Brandenburger Gate in Berlin is famous for new year celebrations, along with a lot of fireworks, you also get to see many stages for shows, party tents, lots of food and drinks stands and mesmerizing laser shows will take your breath. Around millions of tourists come here from all around the world to celebrate the new year.

  1. Porto, Portugal

This place offers you different options and different places to celebrate New Year, while still being in the same city. Although you get options on every corner of the city but still most famous is Avenida dos Aliados, in front of the Porto City Hall, as it offers you with great fireworks and awesome entertainment. Also, you can go on a cruise ride to celebrate your new year peacefully in the middle of the ocean. If you are a party animal then Porto’s nightclubs will give you the best parties that last till the morning. Thatswhy we told you that you have got several options within the same city.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

This place is heaven for people who hate crowdy places or big fireworks. It doesn’t mean that there are no celebrations around, you can celebrate the new year calmly by attending small parties and gatherings around the city. With the beautiful cold weather, people of Reykjavik are also friendly. This lovely destination will give you an extraordinary experience for your lifetime.

  1. Paris, France

It is impossible to not have Paris on our list, the city of love offers you a luxuries celebration on new year’s eve with lots of fireworks and celebrations going around the city. But if you are tired of these then you can take the epic boat ride with a live orchestra, and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the city, especially in the night when the whole city is filled with beautiful lights. Believe me or not but the air of Paris is seductive.

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

How can we not have Dubrovnik on our list? The main street of Dubrovnik, Stradun offers a lot of entertainment and music for the celebration of the New Year. This is a must-visit the place, As you will return with a lot of beautiful memories from this city.

So these were Top Destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve Celebrations. I hope you liked the list. Comment below the one you found the most interesting one.

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