How Did 10 Reasons To Visit Iceland Become the Best? Find Out

For me, Iceland is Europe’s most lovely nation. The unique nature complete of waterfalls, ice lakes, geysers and volcanoes impressed me very much. Do you still have any doubts about visiting Iceland or would you like to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to come to this beautiful country with you? You should definitely succeed with these 10 reasons for visiting Iceland! Hopefully, I will quickly be able to persuade you to visit this wonderful country.

1 The impressive waterfalls

If we’ve found something in Iceland a lot, then it’s waterfalls, one more amazing than the other. The unique thing about Iceland’s waterfalls is that you can often get near. There is even a waterfall where you can walk below and you can climb up to the edge at the Skogafoss to see the waterfall from above. To describe all these lovely waterfalls, words are too brief. You can watch the best video below with pictures of the most lovely waterfalls we’ve visited Iceland for a nice feeling.

2 The beautiful animals

When you think of Iceland, wildlife spotting may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but here you can see a lot of unique wildlife. The most impressive were the dolphins and whales we saw close the Reykjavik shore. I wrote about my whale and dolphin spotting experience in Iceland previously. We saw a lot of seals later on our journey as well as whales and dolphins. They live in the country’s various ice lakes. While I discovered all aquatic animals tremendously impressive, my favorite remains the puffin. Also called a puffin is this national symbol of Iceland. A lot of these extremely adorable and funny birds are going to be found in Iceland.

3 The delicious food

I heard from all sides before I came to Iceland that the food was really disappointing. It was said to me that it was very costly and often not even delicious. I prepared for the worst and had my suitcase full of instant noodles already, but fortunately, I didn’t even need it. During my whole trip through Iceland, I didn’t eat a poor meal once. We just had delicious food and enjoyed the delicious cuisine of Iceland. By the way, the price wasn’t too bad. I gathered my best tips in Reykjavik for inexpensive and delicious food. Will you also go to Iceland? Be sure to try the Skyr Island specialty, a kind of full-cream cottage cheese with plenty of protein in all sorts of flavors. You can purchase it at a store

4 Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

A journey to the lovely Blue Lagoon during a journey to Iceland is definitely not to be missed. In an ancient lava field, this geothermal bath is situated. This provides a fantastic temperature to the water and makes it feel like you’re entering a hot bath. Because it is rich in minerals and silicates, bright light blue water also has a healing impact. Also accessible as a free mask in the lagoon is the resulting silica mud, so you will see many white faces. I discovered swimming very unique in the Blue Lagoon and I really liked it. I’ve listed my best Blue Lagoon visit tips.

5 The glacier lakes

For me, Iceland’s most unique region is the region around Jökulsárlón, the country’s biggest glacier lake. It feels like you’ve entered a completely different world when you walk around here. In the lovely clear blue lake float large chunks of ice and in the background, you see enormous glaciers. The lake is linked to the Atlantic Ocean and you can see the ice floes floating from the lake into the ocean when you walk on the neighboring black beach. You can even see seals swimming between the ice floes if you look carefully. When visiting Jökulsárlón, be sure to stop at Fjallsárlón, another glacier lake at the end of the glacier tongue of Fjallsjökull. This lake is very tiny.

6 The geysers

Iceland is Europe’s only location where an active geyser can still be seen. The Stokkur is the best-known of these. Here every 4 to 8 minutes there is a large eruption where the water is sprayed high into the air. Very beautiful to see. Geysir, the geyser from which the term geyser originates, is also to be found in the same region. Unfortunately, this geyser is no longer active, but it definitely worth a walk through the whole region complete of geysers. Really a natural distinctive phenomenon!

7 The Ribs safari around the islands under Iceland

A Rib safari around the islands below Iceland was one of the coolest stuff we did during our journey through Iceland. Before I went to Iceland, I didn’t really understand that Iceland belongs to a number of other islands besides the primary island. The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago is located just below the primary island. We remained on the only inhabited island on the island of Heimaey. We created a speedboat journey around Vestmannaeyjar’s other islands, a so-called Ribsafari. In the video below, you can get a nice feeling of that. Sailing so quickly along the cliffs was extremely cool and the view was extremely lovely. We remained at Vestmannaeyjar for two days and discovered one of them.

8 The roads

What makes Iceland so wonderful is that traveling is very simple. The highways are of excellent quality and it’s all very well marked. Most highways run directly through nature, providing excellent vehicle opinions. There are also frequent picnic places along the highway where the unique environment can be enjoyed in peace. Consequently, Iceland is an ideal nation for a great road trip. I’ve already told you all you need to learn about Iceland driving.

9 The pleasant capital


Of course, because of the beautiful nature, you’re mainly going to Iceland, but you definitely shouldn’t miss a trip to the capital Reykjavik. I believed it was a very appealing and pleasant town. You will also discover a lot of modern architecture besides the adorable colored buildings. The town is very beautifully located on the water and you have a wonderful view of the snow-filled hills across the road in clear weather. Moreover, in Reykjavik, you can also appreciate delicious food and healthy shopping. I’ve written an article about ten things you shouldn’t miss when you first visited Reykjavik.

10 The Northern Lights

Iceland is an ideal place to see the lights of the north. You have to visit Iceland in the winter months to see this incredible natural phenomenon and then you have to be very fortunate. We’ve been there in May. This was the perfect time to visit most places in Iceland, but the chance to see the northern lights was nil, unfortunately. So for me too, this is a very nice reason to go back because with my own eyes it looks great to see the Northern Lights.

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